Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 29 -- Zion National Park to Alamo, NV

We packed up and headed out.  Greg had to get some work done and print some stuff out and ship it off to a client so we headed for the Kinko’s in St. George, UT.  I went to Target and got food organized for the next few days and the kids just hung out and played on their electronics.  Greg got his work done, we had lunch, and headed off to Nevada.

This leg was tricky.  We weren’t sure where we’d sleep and there aren’t a lot of choices out there.  We thought we had a campground picked out -- the pictures on the website looked good and they had good reviews so we headed off.  On the way to Alamo, NV, you drive through desert.  Lots and lots of desert.

When we got near Alamo, there was a Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge with several good sized lakes in it.  We were so surprised.  We noticed there were campsites, too but drove on knowing that it was hot and we’d prefer to have hookups to run the AC and cool things down.

shorebird at pahranagat national wildlife refuge

Well, the campground wasn’t bad but it wasn’t what we wanted, either.  We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and drove back to the lakes.  We camped there for free.  As we drove in, Greg and the kids spotted a Roadrunner -- it ran across the road and up into a Joshua Tree!  There were no hookups but the location and view more than made up for it.  We were right on the upper lake.

708 at Pahranagat

Gage playing!

Looking at the moon

There were birds and ducks everywhere.  We had a good dinner and then sat out by the lake watching the sunset.  The moon came up -- nearly full -- and Greg got the telescope out.  There was a nice cool breeze blowing across the lake which cooled everything down.  It was the perfect camping spot.

Sunset over Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

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