Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 23 -- Durango, CO to Monument Valley, CO

Back into the desert!  We packed up and headed off to drive back into the desert.  We took our own sweet time leaving Durango.  We washed the motorhome and my car and ran a bunch of errands (none of which panned out for us!).

Ruthie at Four Corners Gage at Four Corners

Our first stop was Four Corners -- it was hot and dry out there.  We parked the motorhome and went to take the obligatory photos of the kids standing in four states at once.  Then we shopped!  Gage bought a really cool Navajo arrow.  The artist spent some time talking to him about it and let him pick out the stone point to put in it.  Ruth got a bracelet and a necklace and I got a couple of pairs of earrings. We also got some delicious Navajo Fry Bread -- yum!

Lights over Monument Valley

The rest of the drive was beautiful as Greg found a scenic byway to get us there.  It was hot and there were some pretty good hills but we arrived at Monument Valley just as the clouds gathered and started spewing thunder and lightening.  We decided to stay at the private campground which is tucked into a valley between two huge sandstone monuments.   The kids and Greg went swimming while I made dinner.

#708 at Monument Valley

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