Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mini-Kitchen Tour

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Orange is so not my color but in all other ways, this FMC is fantastic. The orange in real life is way stronger than in this picture but you get an idea.

The kitchen has one amazing feature. The previous owners replaced the fridge with a brand spanking new -- unused!-- dometic and then they had stainless steel panels made for it. Wow! FMC new fridge

The one thing we want to change is the oven. It has a microwave in it which we will probably never use. We want to replace it with the original eye-level oven that came with the unit. We're hunting one down and have several prospects from helpful FMC owners. Hurrah!

So, there's a little kitchen tour! Enjoy! Oh, here's the dining room too, while we're on this tour . . .

FMC dinette

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