Monday, October 3, 2011

Ocean Cove West Coast Rally

What a weekend!  Greg and Stephen planned a mini-rally that turned into a major West Coast event!  Ocean Cove is a great campground right on the cliffs on the Sonoma Coast.  It was so beautiful!

We had 11 coaches and, I think, 14 owners represented all together.  We had food, wine, . . . hmmmm, no song!  We had s'mores and filthy, hard-playing kids.  We had new friends and old friends.  We toured an old Russian fort on the California Coast and talked a lot about FMCs. And right at the end, we even managed a little sunshine for Lynn Clugston!

I've got a bunch of pictures up on my Flickr account -- go take a look.  Here are some of my favorites from the weekend!
FMCs at Ocean Cove

FMCs at Ocean Cove

Rod & Cindy's coach

Eric & Toni's FMC at Ocean Cove

708 at Ocean Cove, CA

Dean & Laura's FMC at Ocean Cove

Clugstons and ??? at Ocean Cove

FMCs at Ocean Cove

FMCMCOC Mtg at Ocean Cove

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