Friday, April 24, 2009

708 goes to Disneyland

For our Spring Break Trip this year, we went back to Disneyland.  #708 went 865 miles on new wheels and tires.


We spent our first night at Jalama County Park in Santa Barbara County.  This park does not take reservations. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and found a site just one row off the beach.  It was beautiful and I know we'll be back.

708 at Jalama County Park

From there, we headed to Anaheim (with a detour to Simi Valley for a dinner with Greg's aunt, uncle, and cousins).  We always arrive there in the middle of the night which allows us to avoid the worst of LA's traffic.  We had three wonderful, magical days in Disneyland.  So much fun!  We like to stay at the Anaheim RV Resort.  It is very handy to Disneyland and is on the shuttle route for Disneyland.  The shuttles used to be free but now have a very reasonable fee.

During our stay in Anaheim, we discovered a rather significant transmission leak.  Greg was crawling under the vehicle, taking pictures, and posting them to the FMC Mailing List.  Within an hour, he had answers from a few kind FMC owners and ended up calling one who talked him through his own issues with the same problem.  He learned that we couldn't stop the leak at the park but could make it home safely.  Whew!  (When we got home, Greg did fix the leak and may have fixed the FMC's parking brake in the process!)

708 in Anaheim

On our way out of town, we spent a night with family in Pacific Palisades (sleeping in their driveway!).  I forgot to take a picture of 708 in the driveway but trust that we slept well there.

Finally, we spent a couple of days relaxing at Flying Flags RV Park in Buelton, CA.  This is fast becoming a favorite park for us.  Not only are they exceptionally nice people with a clean, nice park, but they are also very accomodating.  On our way down, we stopped there and left our TOAD so that we didn't have it with us in LA where we wouldn't need it but could still use it to explore around Central California during out stay at Flying Flags.   A mere $32 to leave it for days!  Very handy!

708 at Flying Flags, Buellton

A great time was had by all -- as usual when we travel in the FMC!
Millers at Disneyland

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