Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Spring Break!

We're on the road again! Off to San Diego this time.

Here is our route:

We'll leave home early Saturday morning.   Our first stop is in Simi Valley where we'll visit with Greg's aunt, uncle, and cousins.  We will probably spend the night in a Walmart parking lot.  I know -- pretty high class!

Then, we're off to San Diego.  We'll stop and visit with Ron and Louise -- we hope -- on our way down.  Although, it will be Easter Sunday so who knows if that will work out!

In San Diego, we'll be visiting Legoland, SeaWorld, and the San Diego Zoo.  We are all so excited!

Here is what the weather is expected to be while we are there . . .

Perfect weather -- not too hot; not too cool.  More details will be forthcoming!  Questions remain . . . will we get my Suzuki ready to be towed in time?  Will we get the AC recharged before we go?  Will we get the last bunk fixed so that both children have a place to sleep?  Will the Easter Bunny find us in Simi Valley?  All these fascinating questions remain to be answered!


  1. Thanks for the weather update! I will be in San Diego March 23 -26 for a conference so your trip kind of matches mine. I'll be driving from Fresno to SD. straight through, no stopping at relative's house.

  2. Answers to questions . . .

    The Suzuki is going to be done! Bunks - not a chance! Easter Bunny -- It's all under control!

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  4. ACK. I'm so jealous of that forecast. SO NOT FAIR. I'm going over here ------------> to whine. :D