Sunday, April 29, 2007

End of an era

We said goodbye to an old friend today. We sold and delivered our 5th Wheel trailer. Greg and I bought this while we were in graduate school -- full of plans for a long life of camping in it. We did camp a lot -- if not as much as we planned to do. We took a 3 week Honeymoon in the Southwest in it. We went to family reunions in it. We went to dog shows with bunches of Labradors. We hosted family who needed temporary accommodations in it. We did annual camping trips with friends and occasional camping trips just as a family. It has served us well.

We will miss it.

Selling it was difficult. Everyone who came to see it wanted something newer or bigger or both. Our 5th Wheel was functional -- not luxurious. We intended it for CAMPING not luxury living. We needed to find a buyer who would appreciate that side of it. And we did. The people who bought it have been camping for years in a 1976 5th wheel trailer that is much smaller than ours. It was on its last legs -- held together with bailing wire and duct tape by the look of it. To them, our 5th wheel is spacious and functional. They will use it and love it and that makes me very happy. Hurray!

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