Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Greg's View of the Trip

Well, we had our REAL maiden voyage this past weekend. We purchased
#708 back in October. We have driven it around the local area
including going to the excellent Western Rally in Felton (only 6 miles
from our home town) back in November.

This past weekend, we drove up to the Gold Country here in California,
about a 400 mile round trip. I am happy to report that the Coach
performed like a champ (through rain and shine). We had various long
grades to go up and down and engine felt strong and the temperature
(assuming an accurate guage) never got above 190. Gas mileage on the
way up (overall, about a 2000 ft. difference) was 6.82. We got about
6.5 driving around the foothills and then back across the
dread-Central Valley to the Santa Cruz area.

I found 2nd gear (I have the stock engine and tranny) to be quite
useful all around. Up grades and down grades were very manageable at
about 45 mph. I plan to tow a car in the future, so I hope this bodes
well. Also, all of the appliances worked fine and that was a relief
(we typically dry camp; no hookups).

We had a few of minor leaks in the rain: one at the top of the main
door, one at the top-middle of the window over the dinette, and one
that seams to be at the rear roof vent. The window and roof vent are
most likely solved with caulk. Not sure on the front door as the seal
does not seem to be very tight at the top and bottom.

When driving in the rain, the front defrost had to work hard to keep
the windshield clear of fog. The defrost could certainly be stronger
and I will look into that, but it seemed to be fighting a lot of
moisture on the inside when it was raining.

Lastly, I had to put 1 quart of oil in halfway through the trip.
Hopefully, it was just time for a quart and is not burning it quicker
than would be expected.

Overall, a very successful trip. We plan to go a little farther away
with each successive trip. We're taking the kids to Disneyland in
April! Can't wait.

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